Remote Work: Hidden Costs And How Employers Can Leverage The Benefits

BI has viewed a promotion offer sent to the long-serving remote worker around the same time as the RTO mandate was announced. She said many of her colleagues would find it very challenging to get to the office three days a week. The software company Oracle is one firm looking for ways to ease the […]

IT Support Certificate Programme and Training Grow with Google

The HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR) training could be just what you need. The Coursera Google IT Support Professional Certificate is the perfect stepping stone if you’re a beginner who wants to break into the IT field. This comprehensive 6-month course, developed by Google, covers all the fundamentals. It dives deep into everything from the […]

How To Become a Front-end Developer Without a Degree

At any level, there are three key features of JavaScript that are crucial to your comprehension of the language; they are prototype chain, closures, and ‘this’ keyword. Other main features of the language such as dynamic typing, literal, variable, and function hoisting… should be understood as well. After getting to know all the basics, it’s […]