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We will use this feedback to improve and ensure this doesn’t happen again. If you decide to give us a second try, please email us at Hello, we apologize for any frustrations with our app, but we’re committed to helping you get the most out of RUN. Our team would appreciate the opportunity to connect […]

Compare TurboTax® 2022-2023 Online Software Products, TurboTax Online Comparison

(The U.S. House of Representatives passed the legislation late Wednesday night.) If the U.S. Senate passes the bill, the proposed changes to the child tax credit could mean a larger credit for some families. The IRS generally discourages taxpayers from sending payments via the mail, but if you decide to pay your bill by check, […]

Capital Lease vs Operating Lease Difference and Comparison

Before canceling any lease contract, the respective party who wishes to leave and terminate the contract before the maturity of the lease term should give prior written notice to the other party. This notice is to be sent in a given notice period, for example, 30 days before canceling the contract. In general, businesses lease […]

2023 Instructions for Schedule 8812  2023 Internal Revenue Service

When you prepare Schedule 8812 and calculate the Child Tax Credit you’re eligible for, you need to calculate the amount of gross income that you earn. Your earned income includes income you receive from work or by actively engaging in a business. It doesn’t include most of the taxable income you earn from investing, such […]

Operating Lease: How It Works and Differs From a Finance Lease

Operating leases are assets rented by a business where ownership of the asset is not transferred when the rental period is complete. Typically, assets rented under operating leases include real estate, aircraft, and equipment with long, useful life spans—such as vehicles, capital vs operating lease rules office equipment, or industry-specific machinery. For accounting purposes, a […]

Monetary Unit Assumption Definition and Examples

However, the money measurement concept is accepted for its adaptability and understandability. General price levels tend to rise more than the production of goods and services when the economy is closer to full employment. When there is slack in the economy, Q will increase at a faster rate than P under monetary theory. All content on […]